First radio session of the summer

Heath Common and Carol Grimes will be performing and will also be interviewed on All FM, Manchester (96.9 FM) over this Sunday lunchtime 27 April. Tune In, Turn On And Drop Out!

Also, watch out for news of an important date from Heath Common and Carol Grimes in Central London in July! Yeah!!!

Live Dates

Heath Common and Carol Grimes are currently rehearsing with The Lincoln 72’s towards a tour of festivals over the summer.

The Lincoln 72’s are Steve Jones (drums & percussion), Steve Karavasili (keyboards) and Neil Morgan (guitars).

First festival dates announced are Chorlton Arts Festival Manchester in May (with Vini Reilly) and Musicport Festival Whitby, North Yorkshire in October (with Arthur Brown, Robyn Hitchcock, and a host of other excellent acts).

Live at Leeds…

Having just finished reading Pete Townshend’s outstanding autobiography, I was reminded of the great man sharing an anecdote with my brother and I at the recent re-staging of The Who ‘Live at the Leeds’ concert. Pete said that when The Who left the stage at the original concert, he was approached by a student who proclaimed, “Bloody good Pete…but Free were even better last week.” Doh!